What is ExoKrypt

Our company ExoKrypt is developing a platform for secure digital identity, using biometrics, specialized hardware, and services, to provide people with an understandable and easy to use system in an everyday environment.

“People need their own digital identity, both at home and at work, that can be used securely and comfortably.”

Current problem and the right solution

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Current problem and the right solution

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ExoKrypt’s cornerstones

ExoKrypt Usability Logo


We make state of the art security available as a daily business – Easy to use, even for inexperienced users.

Screenshots aus der ExoKrypt Software
Screenshots aus der ExoKrypt Software
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Mobile security begins at hardware level. Our functional case not only protects the smartphone against falls but also extends it with functional features.


ExoShield BUSINESS Case & OUTDOOR Extension

The ultra-rugged smartphone case for the toughest environments

ExoKrypt’s “ExoShield Case” multifunctional protective cover not only protects against physical influences such as falls, dust and water, but also provides functional added value for the user.
With inlets on the sides and clips on the front and back, the case can be extended with features such as additional battery, memory expansion or night vision.
Due to the modular design and the independent processing unit in the core of the case, additional authentication methods based on biometrics can be used.
The outdoor protective cover is perfectly adapted to the needs in harsh environments and provides the user with an extra protective layer due to its special outer skin. Thanks to the non-slip surface, the user always has everything under control even under the most adverse circumstances.

Individual parts of the BUSINESS- and OUTDOOR case

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The basic module accommodates the stand-alone electronics of the ExoShields. It contains a powerful processor and many other components. The heart of the variable cases is that it represents the secure connection between the smartphone and the case. The basic module forms the basis for numerous extensions that can be combined with the case via the inlets and clips.

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The inlets are removable extension modules that add functionality to the case. They offer the user the possibility to equip his case with additional memory and battery capacity. Also, biometric sensors and other functions find their place there. The standardized connection to the basic module also allows independent further developments on the basis of an open hardware approach.

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The decor plates are a stylish extension of the inlets and give the case that certain something. They allow an individual adaptation to the personal taste and lifestyle. The decors are offered in various designs. Starting with simple monochrome plastic decors, over more elaborate metal decors made of aluminium and brushed metal to high-quality decors made of materials such as Mokuti, Timascus and Damascus. For the very special luxury, we also offer our decors in silver, gold, platinum and rose gold.

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The frame protects the base module and the inside smartphone from heavy falls and concussions. It also offers a kind of removal protection for inlets and the smartphone itself. As a striking design element, it is offered in a variety of materials and finishes. The palette ranges from simple aluminium frames to titanium to elaborately made Timascus and Mokuti models. For the very special luxury, we also offer our frames in silver, gold, platinum and rose gold.

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Clips are small additional modules that can be inserted by the user in the upper part of the basic module. The clips extend the functionality of the cases. Functions such as night vision, face and iris recognition as well as areal images (3D) and augmented reality can be used. These complex functional enhancements are joined by some simpler ones, such as variants with separate LED lamps or wide-angle lenses for selfies of a special kind. Especially for photo enthusiasts, the clips provide a useful extension to complement the scope of the shell.

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The SecHex is the vault of the ExoShield Cases. The SecHex securely stores all biometric information and keys, as well as the user’s settings. It also serves as an encrypted storage location for sensitive information and data. The built-in secure hardware also enables applications in the area of eID, digital passport, mobile payment and crypto currencies. Especially as a hardware wallet for digital currencies, the SecHex offers great potential for further developments.

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Outdoor outer case

The outdoor outer case again provides an additional layer of protection for the smartphone. Outside around the base module and the frame around, it protects against particularly hard falls and also offers, through its non-slip surface, best grip in every situation. Combined with a wide range of colour options, the outdoor outer case is the perfect addition even in the most adverse conditions and in the toughest environments.

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Universal Mount

The Universal Mount makes it possible to install the ExoShield Case on a wide variety of surfaces and accessories. The standardized threads allow installing on all standard tripods and gimbals. The ExoShield with the Universal Mount is also perfectly prepared for use in professional photo and film applications.

ExoKrypt Trust Service Logo


We provide sustainable and efficient protection – even in the event of a worst case scenario. There is no 100% secure system, incidents happen every day.

ExoKrypt is more than a manufacturer – We are partners

ExoKrypt Trust Sphere - Halbdurchsichtige Kugel mit erhabener Oberfläche aus Dreiecken, mit einem Gerüst außen herum
ExoKrypt Trust Sphere - Halbdurchsichtige Kugel mit erhabener Oberfläche aus Dreiecken, mit einem Gerüst außen herum
Menschlicher Kopf aus Gitternetzlinien
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Often, the user is the weakest point of the system. The lack of awareness makes the user a valuable target.

We strengthen the security-factor Human through training and knowledge to build a more secure digital society.

Menschlicher Kopf aus Gitternetzlinien
ExoKrypt Awareness Logo

Worst Case Szenarien

Kachel mit Aufschrift "Privat" und einem Startknopf mit der Aufschrift "Autonomous Drive - Start"
Kachel mit Aufschrift "
Kachel mit Aufschrift "
Mann sitzt auf einem niedrigen Podest und hat eine Denker-Pose eingenommen
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Team and Partner

ExoKrypt - Das Team - Tobias Kohlhuber Der Visionär - Stefan Kleeberger Der Analyst - Erik Kunz Der Kreative
ExoKrypt - Das Team - Tobias Kohlhuber Der Visionär - Stefan Kleeberger Der Analyst - Erik Kunz Der Kreative