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ExoKrypt Milestones & Goals


Project kickoff

The idea for ExoKrypt emerged from a bachelor thesis. The subsequent publication in “Mobile Anwendungen in Unternehmen”(Mobile Applications in Companies) gave the starting signal for the project.
A proof-of-concept of more than 200 pages defines the scope of the project.


Foundation of ExoKrypt UG

In July 2017, we laid a solid foundation for the project by founding a corporation. The pure idea became a concrete goal.
Logo and lettering in coordinated ExoKrypt corporate identity completed this step. The registration of a word and figurative trademark was promptly carried out as an investment in the company. The developed CI reflects the core aspects of ExoKrypt and presents the company in a professional and uniform appearance.


3D Design Prototype

The next step in the development of ExoKrypt, was the first prototype of our cover. We developed a CAD model of the cover prototype inHouse and realized different designs with the help of high-quality 3D printers. 3D prototyping enabled us to develop the ExoKrypt hardware covers cost-efficiently and quickly. Design prototyping has shown us how important and helpful early experiences with the feel of a model are.


INVEST Certification

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control has awarded ExoKrypt the coveted title “Eligible for INVEST”.
We are now officially an innovative German company.


First Software Prototype

Software prototype V1 and cover functional prototypes
The current phase of development is concerned with the implementation of a first software prototype to control the hardware functions. At the same time, prototyping of the electrotechnical components is being advanced. The various functions of the cover are tested and optimized.


Release Software & Hardware

The release of the covers and the software should take place in several steps. At the beginning, not all functions will be available, they will be published step by step. The expansion of service and awareness programs and the integration of support and sales complete this evolutionary step. At the same time, the development of the independent ExoKrypt Mobile OS starts. The goals of this development step are the establishment of development departments, the expansion of sales structures and the stable positioning in the IT security segment.


Production State & App V1

The next steps in the development of the covers is a prototype ready for series production and the finalization of the Android App V1. The software goes through all necessary test procedures and initial certifications in parallel. Final assembly, quality control and dispatch are now being set up at the main location in Germany.


Release of ExoKrypt´s Mobile OS

The final milestone is the release of ExoKrypt’s Mobile OS. The standalone security software for private and professional users undergoes a series of certifications and tests before release. At the same time, own insurance offers and the “Exomented Reality” training environment are published for the broad market.
All products and services are further developed and optimized. The list of innovations and ideas still offers a lot of potential


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